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Turbochargers are the ultimate component for more engine power and torque. The exhaust gas produced by the engine drives a turbine wheel, which drives another turbine wheel through a shaft, which draws in fresh air and compresses it. The boost pressure produced in this way allows more air to get into the combustion chamber, which means that more fuel can also be added. The result of more air and more fuel means more power and more torque. A large turbocharger usually means higher performance potential, but also a later response of the turbocharger. So you first need a high speed to produce power. But then there is a lot of that. Smaller turbochargers mostly have a lower performance potential, but respond earlier. In this way, more power can be produced even at lower speeds. A different manifold and exhaust system, charge air cooler, charge air piping and charge pressure control are also required for a turbo conversion.